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Astrological Life Chart   Learn about yourself and your life by looking at the Picture of the Sky when you were born. It’s a fascinating story about who you are and where you are going! Patricia will analyze this and prepare your chart before we meet with past, present and future information. Learn about your strengths, talents and your challenges. Once you understand your challenges and how to remedy them, you can live life to your fullest! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  Your Personal or Business Reading can reduce stress, and bring clarity and focus into your life. It will enable you to plan and know the auspicious times ahead to take advantage of. This Life Reading includes the Past, Present and the Future 2019-2020-2021 transits that are highly detailed. Discover the best time to find Love, increase Finances and learn about the opportunities in the year ahead.

Enjoy a Psychic Angel Card Reading and an interesting Reading from Jacob’s Astrology Dice. 

Includes an audio recording and Your Beautiful Framed Astrology Chart.

Great Gift Idea for all Ages. Popular gift for the Newborns.

                $180.00- 1 hour  $225.00 -75 minutes  1.5 hours   $250.00

Winter Special   $150.00 – 1 hour and 10 minute energy

healing on a crystal mat with Hypnosis to empower your year ahead!

Birth Chart Reading

Birth chart Reading

Astrology and Transformational Healing Work

Relationship Reading
Navigating in Woods

Take a Step in the Right Direction

Patricia McCarron LMT RM SK Alternative Health Practitioner and Educator for Individuals, and Businesses for STRESS REDUCTION. Perfect Timing includes Healing services to balance the Mind/Body/Spirit. Integrated Oriental Healing Sessions include Intuitive Reiki Massage and Cutting Edge Modalities. Futuristic technologies like Detox Footbaths, Infared Ionic Crystal table, Specialized Kinesiology (muscle testing) to go back in time to the root cause of your physical/emotional pain or blockage and release it permanently. Biorhythms and Health Astrology Charts enables us to know when the timing is right. Perfect Timing works with Stress Reduction Therapies, Feng Shui Principles, Remedies from Ancient Times combined with Futurisitc Concepts. Timing is Everything!

yearly Transit Reading

Healing Services          Special Gift Certificates Available

Astrological Chart and a Look into the Future.  The Number # 1 Special Gift for Loved ones, Friends and Staff Appreciation Days. See the full description above "The Astrological Life Chart". Ask about Compatibility Charts.

Angel Card Reading 

A very powerful card reading that can spiritually guide you. Using many different decks of Cards written by a psychologist. Can be done in person or on the phone.            20-minute reading)       fee $45.00


Hypnosis Session for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Change Habits.

Great Results for those who want to make changes and transform your life. $95.00

Stress Elimination Session
This powerful therapy can permanently release Pain, Obsessive Worry by identifying it’s ROOT Cause through Specialized Kinesiology (Muscle Testing). Benefits of addictive problems, smoking cessation, weight loss,
depression and More! You feel as though all of your stress has been vacuumed out of your system. It has been
said that this system can be equivalent to 2 yrs of Intense psychotherapy. Combination of many therapies in 1 session!  

1 hour $150.00        90  minutes $225.00.       2 hours  $300.00


Integrated Psychic Reiki Massage
Reiki is an Ancient Healing Art of Laying on of hands. 75-minute session includes 12 modalities. 
You lay on a crystal heated mat, and receive a treatment to de-stress the mind and body with several modalities. This is one of the most popular treatments. Patricia will share psychic pictures that occur during your treatment that are interesting and helpful in healing your mind/ body and future insights.

$135.00         Winter Special  $95.00



Detox Foot Bath    This cutting edge service will help detoxify your system. Alleviate pain, arthritis and many other health issues. Great results. Improve Health, Increase Energy and Mobility. Includes Pressure point Massage, Reiki, Inspirational Healing Card, and Natural Home Remedy Plan.

$125.00        Winter Special   $75.00


Feng Shui for Home or Office

Create a Prosperous Environment!  A great way...It involves Interior and Exterior Design but is far more elaborate. Patricia uses many of the Feng Shui Principles and also includes all family members Birth Charts to see what colors, textures, and elements energetically balances them and the family as a whole. The Same principles are applied to businesses and their staff. A Feng Shui makeover will also uplift your spirits. 

House Warming Gift Certificates Available                                                                        Call for pricing



Team Building   

Empower your staff with a customize Stress Reduction Class and Individual Sessions to restore harmony in the work environment and increase productivity.                                          Call for Pricing


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