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Special Event

 Stop by Salus Hydrate 29 S. State St. Newtown, Pa 18940    

Sunday December 8th 1:00 to 3:00pm for a Cup of Tea or Cider

while enjoying the Holiday Parade.  Meet Patricia and her friends at

Salus Hydrate and sign up for the January 12, 2020 Workshop on

Integrative Healing, Meditation and a look at the Constellations

and the Year ahead! 

                   January 12, 2020   1:00pm to 3:00 pm

$20.00 before December 31st and $25.00 after January 1st if space is available.

  Receive gift cards and possibly win a prize for attending.

Patricia will be available for Integrative Healing Sessions on Mondays

and occasional weekends at Salus Hydrate.

Call Patricia or text 215 594-3777


Life Direction,Health, Focus, Life Decisions, and Relieve Chronic Pain through Alternative

Healing/Stress Reduction Sessions /Transformational Healing/Hypnosis/

Guidance/Energy Balancing/Astrology Readings and Healing Sessions that benefit your Health*Relationships*Love* Marriage* Career*Family * Relocation Decisions* Finances

*Endings and New Beginnings*

I can help you

Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

It's Perfect Timing to meet you! Welcome to my website.I love to help people heal and learn about themselves on a deep profound level, using amazing tools such as Astrology and Transformational Healing techniques.

I was fortunate to learn Astrology from Dr. Jacob Schwartz, an Internationally known Astrologer. He was a Genius, a great teacher, colleague, and friend. I inherited his library and practice. Over the last 30 years, I assisted others in finding themselves, healing blockages and making a huge difference in their lives through understanding their talents and challenges by looking at their Astrology Chart and Body Type. This is a very specialized and personalized way of getting to the root of the matter and becoming your Best Self! Knowledge is Power. Please check the Testimonial Page.​


Patricia is so proficient and knowledgeable in the subjects of Oriental Healing,Specialized Kinesiology, Astrology etc. I'm truly grateful for her work as she changed my life on all levels very quickly through healing sessions and consultations.I never met anyone as talented, highly intuitive, and so knowledgeable in Metaphysics and Alternative Health as Patricia.She can incorporate all schools of thought into 1 session. 

                  Karen Pluta, Computer Consultant      Yardley, Pa​

Book an Appointment for Readings and Consultations
Cell: 215 594-3777​
Office  215 579-1016

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